Saturday, 18 January 2014

 Had a dabble at creative literature.


The constant humming of the engines, whistling of the wind catching the metallic pistons. The men furiously work like Trojans, they pour the cement onto the road like cake mix in a pan. Their eyes glisten as the mucilage grey honey fills the edges, like icing on top of a scrumptious day of strain. They seem to be working so impenetrably, oblivious to the ongoing traffic jam beside them. Furious travelers punching their horns, simultaneously making a chaotic orchestra. The sand in the air whirls like minuscule hurricanes. Their lambent lemon jackets resemble worker bees, they feed of the droning sound of the engines. All the while the brash, brazen honking of the cars fueling their laboring trance of working. A formation of synchronization making the road thrivingly fit for the queen.

- Jayde 2013


Greatest apologies I have left you all unattended for a while, mainly been submitting to my Illustration Facebook account you can check that out if you would prefer.

Furthermore I have decided to make a sketch a day challenge or weekly sketches as a bundle, and I will try my upmost to post them weekly.

 1. First sketch which was roughly 10 minutes to complete, reference from a photograph at the Grand Station Train Station.

Figuratively speaking everything is proportionate.

2. Second drawing is a rough sketch of my Father and sister, reference from photo we were on boat on the marina, Dubai.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Light Photography

Testing out exposure rates and LED lights, well, this sort of procrastination isn't bad at all.